Husky Dudes 7” Bombay Cove Records

Husky Dudes 7” (Bombay Cove Records)

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Husky Dudes serve up 5 tracks of classic angry punk rock on their new ep 7” out now on Bombay Cove Records. The packaging is great with killer skull cover art and white vinyl. Scuzzed out fuzzy guitars, booming bass and driving drums with the classic cheap mic shouting vocals is what you get from Husky Dudes. If punk is still your thing than the Husky Dudes are for you.
BMBC 026—Hüsky Düdes EP on WHITE VINYL 7” (includes download coupon) - Grease-slick punk sorta mixes old hardcore stuff like Black Flag and Misfits with a little 90’s east bay hardcore sound and some garagey Nation Of Ulysses stuff in there.  Screw it man, Los Crudos too…  Not sure if there’s a way to describe straightforward angry punk in the year 2012 without allowing for some references.   And these guys are definitely doing the 30-year-old dudes banging out some throwback to honor it all.   So you should to!!!   

Not that you give a shit (yeah, BE punk about it) but members were previously in Followed By Static, The Associates, and Toumai…   See their bandcamp for show listings.

Hüsky Düdes - “Destroy My Kind” by bombay cove