White Iris Records

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Thanks to Andy of White Iris Records for taking the time to talk about his label. White Iris has released some stellar vinyl including the incredible Best Coast 7” and Other Lives new record “Tamer Animals.” Diving into their catalog I was pleased to find amazing range from the afro-pop band Fool’s Gold to the snotty punk of Fidlar all the way to the delicious synth pop of Computer Magic’s ep Electronic Fences, which has been getting a ton of late night spins at my house. Computer Magic’s track “Running” is one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Computer Magic - “Running” from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.

Why start a label?

- Why bake pies for a living? Pies can kill people. Labels can fail. So it goes.

When and how did it start?

- White Iris started when a bunch of friends got together and started writing music with no real outlet for it. We could’ve tried to find labels for our projects but we figured we’d give it a go ourselves. the DIY mentality is something that runs deep with us.

What labels inspire you?

- Dischord. ROIR. Touch & Go. Sacred Bones. Soundway.

What is your goal or purpose as a label?

- Not to be a just a “label”.

How do you find new artists?

- A complex series of ropes & pulleys.

Why vinyl?

- Vinyl is timeless.

How important is packaging to you?

- Extremely important. We do our best to brand ourselves in a way that appeases the artists vision while making things somewhat uniform to our own aesthetic.

What are your future plans?

- Get rich or die trying.

Do you collect vinyl?

- Yes, absolutely.

How big is your collection?

- Amongst all of our few employees….i’d say in the low thousands.

What are some of your go to records over the years?

- too many to name and i wanna live in the now. here’s some new stuff i’ve been feeling lately: 

Ghost Wave EP 

Guards EP

Jeff The Brotherhood ‘We Are The Champions’ 

WATERS ‘Out In The Light’

FIDLAR ‘DIYDUI’ + new demos (this is probably my favorite band at the moment)

I’ll  throw in a few classics too i suppose:

John Prine ‘Common Sense’

Waylon Jennings’ Hits 

Ramones ‘S/T’

EPMD ‘Strictly Business’

R.E.M. ‘Monster’ (yes, Monster)